Trivitron has always invested in dynamic and talented people. We believe in continuous growth and need bright, aspiring and motivated people to propel our growth. We recognize talents from any reputed college throughout the world. Throughout our organization and our subsidiaries, our team comprises of performers with varied education background including graduates, post graduates, doctors and technical experts.

We welcome freshers and experienced individuals with sound technical knowledge and required necessary skills to be a part of Team Trivitron.

Graduates/Diploma Engineer Trainees

Trivitron considers graduate degree in any discipline to be an asset of a potential team member. We have hundreds of technical graduates, engineers and diploma holders working with us, across teams at different levels including various leadership roles. We are always open and have multiple vacancies for graduates from a recognized Indian or a foreign university.

Post Grads / M. Tech

Advanced degrees have always been considered as a plus point in various government and industry roles. Often considered as a catalyst for career growth, a post grad degree promises better carrier prospects. At Trivitron post graduates are always welcome for various executive and managerial roles.


An MBA degree provides many personal and professional benefits. An MBA degree opens up several opportunities for greater responsibility, career advancement, and increased financial reward whether you aspire to build your career in technology, finance, management, marketing, or manufacturing. From a personal aspect, an MBA will improve your communication and leadership skills which are vital to professional success.


Doctoral education has become of paramount significance in a world driven by knowledge. PhD holders are generally believed to possess great problem solving and critical reasoning skills. Also, their investment of time in education makes them develop great patience with the ability to think in-depth and from different perspectives.

For Campus placements & Internship Opportunities, kindly contact careers@trivitron.com