We, at Trivitron, strive to develop a culture of mutual respect so that we evolve with better interpersonal relationships. Our moral fabric is strengthened everyday by our values, which we have developed throughout our journey so far.

Being a consumer obsessed company, our culture helps us in the course of discharging our duties which may vary from responding to any unprecedented service request by a client, to coming up with new ideas for the improvement of our work process. Trivitronians take hundreds of decisions on their own every day, and our strong culture is their guide.

We as a company want our employees to feel the essence of our values from the minute they enter in the office. We strive to give this experience to our employees across the globe. The foundations of our culture stands on the following four pillars:

The Four Pillars of Our Culture

We boast of a multitude of employee base, all coming from different backgrounds. At Trivitron, we value their diversity. We ensure that everyone is free to give his/her opinion. We support everyone’s views, talent, experiences & contribution so as to attain sustainable growth.

Harassment Free

Every person associated with Trivitron is a gem for us. In order to ensure a healthy working environment, we follow zero tolerance policy for any kind of harassment related to but not limited to, sex / race / age / religion / political affiliations.

Trust & Satisfaction

Trust is a determining factor in any kind of relationship. It is our moral obligation to win the trust of our customers. We emphasize in providing “safety and reassurance to customers” at the core of all business activities, so as to improve customer satisfaction.


We at Trivitron are firmly committed towards our Mission, Belief and core competencies so as to promote all round growth and development of our employees.