Lorraine Zhang Sales Manager, Labsystems Diagnostics, China

“Chairman’s Club has been instrumental in polishing my talent. A great opportunity to showcase my abilities, it also helped me getting rid of my anxiety”

Gaurav Prakash Senior Customer Support Engineer, Diagnostics, Patna

“Thanks to Trivitron, we have a number of rewarding contest almost every month. These contests help showcase our creativity and encourage us to do even better by recognizing our talent. A must have in every organization, this is something greatly motivating”

Tatvam Bhatt Product Specialist, Marketing, Kiran, Mumbai

“Trivitron in a true sense invests in its people. As a part of Trivitron, I receive multiple opportunities to showcase my talent and hone my skills. This has enabled me to achieve my organizational and personal goals simultaneously”

Avinash Chander Kaushal Zonal Manager, Diagnostics, New Delhi

There are very few organizations which truly accomplish growth in a harmonious manner. At Trivitron healthcare, not only the organization has achieved new heights but also its people. We all, have grown with Trivitron in the past years. Proud to be a part of rapidly growing "Trivitron Family"

Smita Kalghatgi Manager - Sales & Application, Medical Imaging, Mumbai

“Trivitron is a family filled with talent and I am lucky to be a part of it. Trivitron has enabled me to create my own identity and has given me a platform to showcase my potential and bring out the best in me.”

Tejasvini Deepak Devlekar Senior Executive HR, Kiran Support, Mumbai

“Trivitron is a fantastic workplace which motivates you to achieve excellence in your career along with the organisational growth. We Trivitonians follow the style of learning but in a fun way.. I am grateful to be part of this highly motivated team. Kudos to us!!!”

Sivanesan Sethupathi Manager, Star Trivitron, UAE

“Trivitron remains committed to offering best healthcare products and services to people all over the world that assures a healthy present and a healthier future. It fills me with immense pride to be a part of the Trivitron family.”