We believe that we grow every day. This growth can be emotional, spiritual, physical and even technical. In order to have a better grasp of the ever changing world, we want our employees to stay well informed, well connected and updated so that our growth trajectory always point towards the sky.

We help our employees in honing their skills and in due course of nurturing their talent; we provide them with ample opportunities in the form of various developmental programs. These are the fast track growth opportunities which at all instances, are developed in such manner that they cater to the needs of the individual.

Our main aim in organizing these programs is that, our employee’s growth not just remains limited to the technical aspect, but an all-round development of our people can be achieved. In a way, these skill developing exercises help an individual to realize his/her potential to be future leaders.

To realize our vision of an all-round skill development, we have the following sessions for our employees.

Chairman’s Club

While it is essential to have strong leadership at the top of the organization, effective leadership throughout the organization is necessary for achieving organizational goals. Keeping this in mind, we at Trivitron have formed a Chairman’s Club which represents the top performers of the Group. This club is directly run by the Chairman’s office with the help of external consultants. The main highlight of this club is direct mentorship by the Chairman. Individual coaching sessions are held for all the members.

Young Turks

Youngsters are a reflective of vibrancy, joy, enthusiasm and passion. They are curious to learn new things and ready to explore the world. ‘Young Turks’ is an undertaking by Trivitron, where we intend to tap the abilities of our fresh minds. This program aims to let our young champions showcase their talents. We try to catch hold of the scenario through their perspective. Their views are then analyzed thoroughly so as to derive any idea for the organization.

Fast Track Growth

The intent of FTG program is to identify hidden talents and carve the best out of them. Selected individuals are put in the FTG program to catapult their professional excellence through regular interventions which include a series of coaching, trainings and other skill development sessions. The sessions are being taken by internal and external trainers.